Tutorial: paint a Tie & Dye lamp

Tutorial: paint a Tie & Dye lamp

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Carine and Anne-Sophie are two journalists and bloggers who decided to meet to create Hëllo, a magazine-like blog (or vice versa), in other words a blogzine. Behind this cool name hide equally pleasant lifestyle items: decor, design, great deals, in short everything we love about! So when we discovered their tutorial to customize a Tie & Dye lamp, a trend we love, we couldn't resist, we had to share it with you! Discover without delay this cool tutorial which, in addition, is super easy to make! duration : about 15 min Cost : around 5 €


You will need: - a paper lamp (hanging lamp or bedside lamp) - acrylic paint - a flat brush - a little water - a small container


1. Start by mixing your paint with a little water in a container, so as to dilute it slightly while keeping a fairly dark shade. It will be your darkest color to start your Tie & Dye. You can test on a sheet of paper to see if the shade is right for you. Your paint should not be too thick, otherwise it will show when your lamp is on! 2. Paint a strip of about 5cm at the base of your lamp. For this step, keep your lamp in the right place, that is to say the base down, so that in case of dripping the paint spills down and does not spoil the rest of your lamp! Also, be careful not to put too much emphasis on the joints of your lamp because at this point the paint is more quickly absorbed and will then tend to drool.
3. Add a little water to your mixture to further dilute your paint. Test your shade again which should be lighter than the previous one. Then paint a second 5cm strip. 4. Continue like this, diluting your paint until there is almost no color left. Dose so that you don't have to paint the top of your lamp. Finally, let your lamp dry, always positioned upright to avoid drips.


There you go, you just personalize your lamp simply, quickly, but the result is impressive, don't you think? The girls of Hëllo chose a superb mint color, but you can obviously use another color like pink, yellow, sky blue… the hardest part will be to choose!
Thanks to Carine and Anne-Sophie from the Hëllo blog for their creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your woven painting on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!