Tutorial: make a suspension for plants in trapilho

Tutorial: make a suspension for plants in trapilho

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Nothing like a beautiful green plant to give a lively and warm side to a room. Add to this a trapilho suspension and you will have a light result! Today, we teach you how to make a suspension for plants in trapilho.

Equipment :

- four 4m trapilho threads - two 4m wool threads Budget: around € 5


1. To start, fold all the threads in half, then tie a knot about 5 cm from the edge.
2. Divide the threads into four identical parts, each with two trapilho threads and a woolen thread, then make a simple mat with the three threads of each part over 20 cm.
3. Tie a knot at the end of each mat.
4. Separate the four parts in half after the knot at the end of the mat, then connect them with those next to it.
5. Cross the eight parts together, then tie a knot.
6. Make a knot with all the threads.


And There you go ! All you have to do is choose a pretty plant!