Before / After: transformation of a large living room of 28m2

Before / After: transformation of a large living room of 28m2

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The interior designer Sophie Auscher took up the challenge of transforming a large, somewhat drab living room into a cozy and colorful living room, by adding a small child's bedroom with a clever arrangement. While respecting the harmony of the whole apartment, lively and colorful, it offers a style that imposes itself beyond trends, combined with discreet sophistication. The decorator was able to revive the spirit of the artist Mondrian through a huge colorful library, come to enliven the room with its warm and deep tones. Demonstration in pictures. Area : 28m2

A room without function transformed into a library

Before : Passageway always congested and without any real function, this large room of 28 m2 vaguely served as a playroom and place to hang clothes and iron. It distributed the parents' area, access to a child's bedroom and a bathroom. A slightly dated staircase was installed there to access the upper floor (living room, dining room and kitchen). The lighting was both "non-existent" and insufficient at night.
© Delphine Warin After : The room now accommodates storage as well as a beautiful library made to measure by the agency. The cupboards, of two depths and five colors, avoid a monotonous linear facade and are, for the same reason, structured, colorful and decorative. The laminate has been selected to ensure resistance to time. In order to facilitate the opening of the doors, while preserving the vertical and horizontal lines in "Mondrian" style, the handholds were concealed in the solid wood uprights. A niche has been created in the library to break the linear rhythm of the shelves and allow the development of a paper sculpture. The lighting has been replaced by adjustable spotlights to allow optimum and adapted lighting according to times and needs.

A bathroom with very soft tones

© Delphine Warin Before : The bathroom was previously not very functional and was sorely lacking in storage. After : In order to avoid a significant cost of demolition and masonry work, the glass paving walls were covered with plasterboard to create an enclosed space. The vanity top has been changed, and wood and color laminate furniture has been created below the countertop. A large wall cupboard hidden under a set of mirrors and colors identical to the adjoining children's room was also created. The cupboard is devoid of handles and designed with discreet hand grips in order to keep a simple and linear "hanging picture" aspect.

An open entrance and a well thought out children's room

© Delphine Warin Before : The entrance to this large room of 28m2 did not have any particular layout. After : A spatially delimited entrance area was created by Sophie Auscher in order to structure the room. The small child's bedroom (6m2) adjoining the living room has been imagined in the spirit of a boat cabin. Its layout has been optimized with drawers under the built-in mattress and an integrated desk, all in two-color laminate. The wall is decorated with a pretty Sanderson wallpaper in discreet tones. As for the suspension, it was deliberately chosen to be large in order to confuse the scales. Sophie Auscher Agency 43 avenue Rapp 75007 Paris Tel: 01 47 05 10 70 //