How to please a Comfort Food follower?

How to please a Comfort Food follower?

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For several years, Comfort food, "comfort food" or "food comforter", has made its mark in the French gastronomic landscape, bringing with it its share of burgers, hot dogs, hot chocolates, cupcakes and other comfort foods. A major culinary trend, the phenomenon is such that no trendy restaurant opening in Paris, nor any great chef can consider his menu without, at least, a dish Made in USA. Saving blues and other fights with life, discover our good addresses dedicated to Comfort food to make you happy, even when everything is fine!

The tasty pastries of NoGlu

With its frosty mornings, its leaded sky and its first frost, winter still remembers this year to our memory and gives us the desire for sweet treats. Want to cheer yourself up? Open the doors of the concept store imagined by Fréderique Jules, NoGlu and delight your nostrils with the scent of sweet lemon madeleines and other large gluten-free chocolate cookies. Like an ode to the flavors rediscovered from our childhood, this pastry revisits a cuisine that “feels good” and brings us back to basics with these delicious chocolate cakes and cookies. 16 passage des Panoramas, Paris 2eme // //www.noglu.fr/

The dishes from our childhood revisited by Le club des cinq and Les fils à maman

Nothing like a good plate of burger and fries to reconcile with life and warm our soft hearts. Addict to this traditional American dish, head to Le Club des Cinq to discover the “Megacheeseburger with cheddar, super-good fries”. Here there are no criminals, no ill-intentioned scoundrels, but a happy band of five gourmands who, in a whimsical atmosphere and a bit nostalgic, dust off the legend, with one and the same purpose: to share with malice and smile their passion for taste. The result is roundly crafted recipes, inspired by the world of childhood, which attract all generations. On the same regressive and offbeat principle, also push the doors of the restaurant Les fils à Maman, which revisits with a touch of humor and a touch of nostalgia the simple and tasty cooking recipes of our moms. Le Club des 5, 57 Rue des Batignolles, Paris 17eme // //www.leclubdes5.fr/ Les fils à Maman // //www.lesfilsamaman.com/

Chocolate that makes you gaga

This return to childhood idealized thanks to food, you will also find it at the pastry shop of the famous pastry chef Christophe Michalak. By following the courses of its Master Class level MC1 or MC2, you will leave with chocolate bars in the form of K7 radio, video or in the form of flip flops. If these crunchy sweets are starting to be talked about, it is not only because of their original concept. Their realization requires indeed a real know-how and the best ingredients. Michalak Takeaway, 60 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris 10eme // //www.christophemichalak.com/takeaway Finally, if you live in Strasbourg, you probably could not have missed Gagao, a new gourmet concept, a sort of “coffeeshop” of a new genre dedicated to chocolate. If this is not the case, you will quickly fall gaga of organic and fair trade hot chocolates and fall back into childhood by discovering the Oreo and Marshmallows cookies which decorate the drinks. A well-thought-out concept, carried out with professionalism and humor! 20 rue des Frères, Strasbourg // //www.gagao.eu/