Yes or no to the marble worktop in the kitchen?

Yes or no to the marble worktop in the kitchen?

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Marble for a kitchen worktop: a solid and elegant material

Marble is a rock derived from limestone which, if it has been used for a long time to make floors, columns, walls or even statues, today also finds its place in kitchens to compose worktops. Noble, natural and elegant, the marble worktop undoubtedly brings cachet in a room, because its aesthetics is incomparable.

Very recognizable thanks to its crystallization in large grains, its veins and its marbling, marble is a material which is available in hundreds of varieties (Carrara marble, Languedoc marble, etc.), and which is therefore possible to find in many colors (black, red, green, white…). Whatever the atmosphere and the colors in the spotlight in your kitchen, you will certainly find the marble you need to make your work plan.

Another advantage of installing a marble worktop in a kitchen? Its solidity! Indeed, marble is a material that resists both heat and scratches.

The disadvantages of the marble worktop: messy and expensive

Although it is beautiful and solid, a marble worktop in a kitchen can become a nightmare. Indeed, marble is a porous stone which has the big disadvantage of being stained very easily ... which is quite problematic if you want to put fruits, vegetables and other colored foods on it!

In addition, even if the marble is resistant to scratches, the marble worktop is however quite sensitive to shocks. If you are clumsy and tend to drop your utensils in the kitchen, think twice… Finally, marble is a very noble material, the price is very high compared to wood or concrete!

Alternatives to the marble worktop in the kitchen

Dirty and sensitive to shock, the marble worktop may not be the most suitable for the kitchen ... This is why more and more individuals are opting for malignant alternatives such as:

  • The countertop imitation marble : cheaper and more suitable for a room like the kitchen;
  • The marble worktop which includes a kitchen area equipped with a more suitable coating;
  • Large marble cutting boards: aesthetic and practical, they can bring a touch of marble to the kitchen more economically than with a whole marble worktop!

Maintain your marble worktop

If you opt for a marble worktop in your kitchen, know that to maintain its beauty, it must be maintained. Indeed, an unmaintained marble is a marble that will lose its color and its luster. To prevent this, your best ally is thelinseed oil, which allows marble to retain its permeability and shine. Here is the instructions:

- Pour a little linseed oil on a cloth,
- Rub your marble worktop dry,
- Leave to dry for at least 8 hours.