Tutorial: sewing a kimono

Tutorial: sewing a kimono

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Customize a pair of ballerinas, create an original trivet or personalize cooking jars, all of which Cloé shares on his Kit by Klo blog. Illustrator and passionate about fashion, she imagines smart and original DIY. Today, we find her for a very simple kimono tutorial.


You will need: - Two rectangles of fabric, at the size of your choice depending on the length of the kimono you wish to have. - Pins, needles - Thread - Fringes - Scissors


1. Cut in half the first piece of news: 739845 fabric.
2. Pin a hem on the side of the two rectangles to be able to sew after.
3. Sew each of these hems. (If your news: 739845 fabric and very fine, it is advisable to sew very close to the edge and make tight stitches)
4. Place the two rectangles on the large actu rectangle: 739845 right sides together, pin the corners at the top of each rectangle and at the bottom of each rectangle.
5. Sew the top of each rectangle. Then the bottom by adding the fringes.


And here is the result, a kimono very easy to make and easily customizable by changing your fabrics, this one was made with an update: 739845 Aztec printed fabric which gives it a little Indian side, nice isn't it?
Thanks to Cloé for his creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your personalized kimonos on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!