Sewing: learning to cut a pattern

Sewing: learning to cut a pattern

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The realization of a news: 739839 pattern is essential before starting any sewing work. This allows you to accurately predict the position of certain elements on the news: 739845 fabric such as buttons or pleats, as well as to cut the pieces into the right dimensions. Here is how to use it to cut pieces of news: 739845 fabric. 1. Before you start, you can optionally fold the actu: 739845 fabric in half if you need to obtain certain pieces in duplicate. Then put the pattern (s) on the news: 739845 fabric.
2. Pin the actu: 739839 pattern on the actu: 739845 fabric, then cut the actu: 739845 fabric around the edges of the actu: 739839 pattern in order to obtain the desired parts.


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