Around paper: zoom on stamps

Around paper: zoom on stamps

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Even if all the little ones love this activity, the art of stamping is far from stopping at children's games: it is an IN-CON-TOUR-NABLE technique in the fields of scrapbooking and card making. As soon as you dive in, you will become addicted but you will also realize the incredible extent of the tampon market and you will no longer know where to turn…

Rubber stamps mounted on wood or to assemble yourself

The traditional ones are those mounted on wood. They are always popular and come in an incredible number of patterns to suit any theme. They have a good grip and are solid, but their main defect is that the stamping cannot be ultra precise on the sheet ... We stamp a little blindly! You will also find, in fine rubber, to mount yourself on a transparent support (for better precision!), The "cling" pads. They have ultra fine patterns and are easier to use than those mounted on wood!

Clear stamps

But for even more precision in positioning, you will find the so-called "clear" buffers. They are completely transparent and can be mounted on plexiglass supports which are just as transparent ... Very practical for knowing exactly where the impression is applied! This will be all the more effective when you want to use and arrange alphabet stamps to write a word or a sentence! These pads are made of flexible, thin, transparent plastic, they stick and come off the support (sold with or separately) ad infinitum thanks to the principle of static electricity. They are therefore also very convenient to compose your own stamp: on the same block, you can position several beautifully arranged patterns.

Foam pads

They are also classics that are widely used and especially by children because they are not fragile (unlike clear pads); allow a good grip and can easily be used with paint (gouache or acrylic). The patterns of the foam pads are less varied!

Special purpose pads

For specific uses, here are pads that will make your work easier: the roller pad will allow you to make regular patterns over a long distance, for example, to make a frieze or a pretty border on your card. The overlay stamps are large stamps with regular patterns (writing patterns for example) that will allow you to cover a lot of space on your sheet, perfect for making very easily backgrounds on a plain sheet.

Do-it-yourself stamps!

In the "DO IT YOURSELF" category, self-made stamps are on the rise. Draw your own patterns and engrave them, using small gouges, on a block of eraser dedicated for this purpose, for 100% personalized stamps! Guaranteed effect! Now you can choose your stamps correctly ... But what about the inks?