Optimize your living room space with 2 in 1 furniture

Optimize your living room space with 2 in 1 furniture

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Coffee table for storage, console that turns into a table for eight ... The furniture is smart and functional to better meet the needs of studios and small apartments. Make way for new 2016!

Combine design and clever

Combine the useful with the beautiful . This is what the consumer demands of today's design. Many brands have understood this, offering space-saving and practical furniture that has more than one trick up its sleeve. If like many city dwellers, the size of your apartment does not allow you to buy large furniture, know that now there are many solutions to accommodate friends without pushing the walls. The easiest and within everyone's reach: adopt 2 in 1 furniture

Two-in-one and colorful furniture!

It is often in the living room that space is most lacking. An improvised meal in 20 square meters? The SPEED console deploys in the blink of an eye from 42 cm to 196 cm, the capacity to accommodate up to 12 people at the table! Who says better ? At aperitif time, the space-saving tip lies in a new generation of coffee tables which contains arrangement or mini bar (PETE). Ideal for having everything on hand! Some coffee tables even display color directly, like the VIVO model. With its glass top, this table reveals its two storage niches and two chest poufs . Why hide when it's done well? Finally, to be adopted in all rooms according to their needs, the poufs and chest benches (OLIVER) with an unbeatable quality / price ratio. Most ? They are available in a multitude of materials (fabric, imitation leather) and colors. Something to appeal to all budgets and all styles!

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