Outdoor staircase: which material to choose?

Outdoor staircase: which material to choose?

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Whether creating a decorative effect in your garden or simply meeting a technical need, the choice of your outdoor staircase must be carefully considered. Ease of implementation, use, maintenance and of course, aesthetics, are all criteria to take into account to choose the material of your outdoor staircase. Follow the guide.

Determine the type of work to be carried out

To determine the ideal material for your outdoor staircase, you must first assess your needs according to the nature of your garden or terrace. Indeed, you will certainly not need the same technical specifications depending on whether it is simply a few steps to access the terrace or a real staircase that serves a good part of the garden.
Be aware that the materials that can be used to create a staircase are very varied and you can for example make your staircase in concrete, stone, tiles, synthetic material, wood or even metal. It is nevertheless necessary to differentiate the staircases which you will find ready to pose from those which will require a more important implementation. For a minimum of work, go to the stairs to ask, usually wooden or metal. There are also synthetic structures that you can then dress with different coverings. As for concrete, stone and tiles, they will require more complex work.

Choose a material that is secure and durable over time

Before making your choice, you must also take into account the specific characteristics of the material and its maintenance. The first thing to take into account is obviously safety, by choosing a non-slip material to prevent falls in case of wet ground for example. You will therefore be particularly vigilant that the material has received an anti-slip treatment, in particular for the tiles which must be suitable for outdoor use. Note that the outdoor staircase is subject to strong climatic variations which can damage it (frost in winter, exposure to the sun in summer) and that it is preferable that it is easy to maintain on a daily basis because it is particularly exposed and gets dirty easily. Concrete : it is the most appreciated material because it is solid and requires little maintenance. It can be kept as is or dressed with facing stones or tiling. Metal : appreciated for its lightness and its simplicity of implementation, the metal must receive a specific treatment in order to protect it from climatic variations and the effects of time. It will also require regular maintenance as can be done on metal garden furniture. Wood : it should be chosen from a rot-resistant essence and you can add a treatment against pests to strengthen its resistance. However, it will require more maintenance than other materials.

A decorative exterior staircase

Remember to combine security, practicality ... and decoration! So the choice of material for your outdoor staircase will also depend on the atmosphere you want to bring to it. The metal staircases will provide a contemporary and even industrial atmosphere without context, like concrete if you choose to leave it raw. Wood will give you a warmer spirit when stone brings authenticity. In terms of tiles, the choice is vast and the decor possibilities almost endless. It will then be easy for you to tune your staircase to your terrace.