From Scandifornia: I tested the design gift assistant online!

From Scandifornia: I tested the design gift assistant online!

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Newcomer to the web planet, in the category "I offer myself a shopping assistant and I save time", the editorial staff was won over by this very pretty site in tune with the times: From Scandifornia. Or the art of choosing the designer gift for you. On the eve of the holidays, we tested and we were thrilled.

A "Scandinavian" design site

First good point: "From Scandifornia", the name rings in the ear "design and lifestyle products" coming from an imaginary country, La Scandifornie, between Nordic hygge and Californian Beach boys! I land on a site as we like: round and soft, fluid and intuitive, very simple with beautiful photos filtered like Instagram. And I begin the experience: the site must shop for me THE design and original gift in two clicks.

Choose the universe and the price of your gift

First click, I choose the atmosphere I am looking for: Boyish, Girly, kids, Mistery or Home. I set my sights on the Boyish universe and remain attentive to the promise of the section " For boys who want to combine business with pleasure "We will see upon receipt of the gift. Note: for girls, it is the promise of being unique, for the house that of being design, for kids too, and a Mistery universe, 100% Second click: I select the price I want to put for my gift: 20, 30, 40, 50 or 70 €. Immediately, I am seduced by the entry price which remains accessible. And I choose 40 € : I estimate that at this amount, the gift can combine meaning, aesthetics and original.I proceed to order, - with registration, nothing but very normal -: in 48 to 72 hours, I receive my gift! stage, I admit that if I had been asked two or three questions about the person to whom the gift is intended, it would not have bothered me, on the contrary, to define the profile and refine the search.

Design engaged as gifts

48 hours later, promise kept, the parcel arrives, I unpack the cardboard ... Rolling drums ... I discover a beautiful solid oiled beech board with its bamboo goblet, for a gourmet breakfast or aperitif, 12 triangle stickers to decorate a pan of wall (graphi-Nordic), a roll of decorative masking tape and a nice little notebook. Useful and pleasant, the promise is kept, and what appeals to me above all is the choice of brands, all eco-friendly: Reine-Mère and Ekobo, two brands that are well established today, work with wood from sustainably managed forests and bamboo; MilieO created by designer Emilie Rousseaux attaches particular importance to the choice of non-polluting inks and natural materials; Papier Tigre, the small stationery brand that is rising, whose three creators have mastered their entire production chain. So doubly happy and ready to offer my gift…
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