5 tips to organize your home for back to school

5 tips to organize your home for back to school

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We all dream of a tidy, practical and functional house. However, between busy jobs and children, it is often easy to get overwhelmed. As a result, the disorder builds up, builds up and you don't really know where to start to put everything away. So to prevent your life from turning into a real ordeal, has found five tips for you that should help you restore order in your home and in your life. From the kitchen to the living room passing by the entrance, the bedroom and the dining room, overcome badly organized spaces by optimizing the space, finish with the clothes scattered in all directions in your wardrobe, say stop to the shoes and coats that are everywhere ...

Declutter space to lighten your life

Organizing your home for back to school requires efficient storage. But who says storage invariably says sorting and decluttering. First step therefore, we give or throw away what we no longer need and we arrange the rest by proceeding piece by piece. This first tip may certainly seem trivial, but you will see that it will make it easier for you to find your belongings, to save time on a daily basis and during the cleaning phase and to remove any tensions in family or in the couple. It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Redesign spaces for a square house

It is then necessary to reorganize each of the spaces by determining the ideal place to replace furniture and decorative accessories. The idea? Take into account the available space, the constraints of the room and its stock to intelligently rearrange the space. So consider investing the height of the walls, cupboards, corners and nooks that will allow you to gain significant space on the ground while optimizing the space.

Storage you want here!

To help you have an organized and tidy interior, it is important to equip yourself. And for that, we multiply the storage boxes, small and large, in the four corners of the house. Real decorative allies, they will allow you to optimize space and no longer waste time looking for everything in the house. In the bathroom, invest in a column which has the advantage of being tall and narrow and thus saves space. Also do not hesitate to opt for vacuum storage, which will allow you to store your winter clothes, duvets and other bulky textiles.

An organized and functional entrance

Coats piling up, shoes scattered on the floor, overflowing storage compartment and console crumbling under the papers… many people make the mistake of leaving the entrance, a very strategic area. However with a little common sense, it is easy to arrange a practical, functional and welcoming space. The trick: install coat hooks to hang the coats and scarves of the whole family, fix a shoe cabinet, use banners to store the mail. And to save time in the morning, magnetic hooks for the keys are installed above the console and a magnetic board is placed on the wall to insert children's schedules, invitations and other important papers.

Tidy closets and closets

It is not always easy to organize and organize your wardrobe. When you like clothes and accessories, or when there are many of us in our house, it is better to have efficient and functional storage to avoid having to turn over your cupboard when you are in a hurry. So opt for the essential dressing room and group your clothes by uniform piles and by sizes. Place summer skirts, dresses and T-shirts at the top of the closet and put them close at hand on sunny days. Provide drawers and boxes identifiable by labels and bet on suitable hangers. Bet on wooden hangers for your jackets and pants, for your dresses with suspenders and shirts prefer thin metal hangers. Finally, do not hesitate to opt for a clip hanger on which you will hang your skirts.