Whirlpool Supreme No Frost Signs End of Defrost

Whirlpool Supreme No Frost Signs End of Defrost

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The new range of refrigerators created by Whirlpool has a technology, called No Frost, which will save you from many defrosting operations. The editorial tells you more about this little revolution!

No Frost, No Ice!

Whirlpool has always had big ambitions in the field of household appliances and this time the brand tackles a concern of everyday life: the ice in our fridge! Indeed, the no-frost system, which will be fitted with the new range of Whirlpool combined refrigerators and freezers, will prevent the formation of frost in the cold space.
This technology will significantly improve the quality of food preservation by preventing any ice formation. And therefore no need to defrost. The cold air is ventilated in the deep-freezing part to avoid frost. In addition, this cold and dry ventilated air will limit the presence of microorganisms so that food can be stored almost anywhere. In addition, there is no transfer of taste or odor, which leads to better preservation of food. Maintaining a temperature close to 0 ° C in the Activ0 ° compartment, creates a new cool space ideal for the preservation of meat and fish. A big downside for this system; it has a higher energy consumption.

A little more ...

The Premium Plus versions of the Supreme NoFrost range are real objects connected with your smartphone or tablet via the 6ème Sens Live application. Some features offer to list your food in the refrigerator by indicating their expiration date. An automatic message will alert you when the product comes to an end. Super practical!