Asko launches the panoramic gas table

Asko launches the panoramic gas table

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The panoramic glass ceramic glass table is the new attraction at Asko. We all know that great chefs are fans of gas cooking. Asko, a Swedish household appliance brand, wanted to please them with a new cooktop which has two special features: a wide format and two very powerful fires for cooking in an Asian wok style. Presentation.

A high-end model

This new panoramic model has 4 burners including two Volcan Fusion Wok burners which can reach 6000 Watts. In fact, the burner orifices are designed so that the distance between the flame and the bottom of the container is as short as possible. Result: the energy is concentrated and the distribution of heat uniform over the entire surface of the container. This triple flame thus reproduces the benefits of cooking the Asian wok. There is also a continuous flame setting, which is useful for simmering your recipes. Clever, the individual digital gas cut-off timer and stopwatch allows you to view the cooking time of the dish.

But also elegant

Whole in width, the HG1145AB gas table is 1.10 m wide for a depth of just over 40 cm. In black ceramic glass with a fine brushed stainless steel frame, it has a sober and refined design that fits with any interior. The ergonomic arrangement of the burners on the table takes advantage of all the space available. It thus allows the simultaneous use of a wok, a frying pan or even large pots. On the maintenance side, the table consists of three simple parts to disassemble and clean in the dishwasher. On the safety side, the gas supply immediately cuts off at the slightest draft or the presence of water on the plate.
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