The French and their bathroom

The French and their bathroom

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Small or large, decorated with a bathtub or a shower, the bathroom of the French continues to evolve. No more soulless functional bathrooms! True spaces of relaxation, the water features are adorned with colors while opening up to the know-how of the designers. What do we do in our bathrooms? What are the new trends? Here is the editorial staff's decryption!

The bathroom becomes a living room

The French love their bathroom. Its place has clearly evolved in recent years. To better understand the phenomenon, let's take a look at the study carried out jointly by bathroom expert Jacob Delafon and the Sorgem IMR institute. This tells us in particular that 20% of French people consider the bathroom as their favorite room. If 42% of French people would like to spend more time in their bathroom, it is mainly because it is a space for relaxation for 59% of those questioned. This haven of peace is synonymous with relaxation for one in two French people, but also with calm and well-being. The bathroom is also a place where we love and where we are loved. And yes, 80% of those questioned think that the bathroom is a place of transformation and beauty. And one in two French people admits having already made love there.

Today's bathroom

The bathroom is no longer a functional space devoid of decoration. Today, the French pamper their ponds as much as their cuisine. The bathrooms are personalized, either equipped with a beautiful designer bathtub or a magnificent shower. Two main trends confront each other, namely the practical and warm living bathrooms and the sleek bathrooms. The color is invited on the walls, the furniture and the bathroom linen and the noble materials are often put in the honor.

Colors and materials

In our bathrooms, colors are essential. The most popular are natural colors and close to those of nature. Also, the shades of blue and green are very represented as well as brown, beige, gray and white. More rarely, bright colors are invited. Pink and purple shine in girly bathrooms while red and orange will add pep's to a contemporary water feature. Dark colors are more rarely encountered. Their presence is limited to furniture and bathroom linen.
On the matter side, nature is once again honored. Wood, slate and pebble are preferred materials. Finally, the glass has the beautiful part. Thanks to its transparency, it enlarges small bathrooms and lets in light. The decorative elements of the bathrooms are few and well chosen. Plants respond present just like diverted objects. Thus, the scale acts as a towel holder and the beauty products are dressed in colors to bring a decorative touch to the new cocoon of the house.