Before / After: Modernizing and purifying an American kitchen

Before / After: Modernizing and purifying an American kitchen

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A poorly exploited kitchen and dining area, a lack of light despite beautiful volumes crossing ... difficult to imagine the real potential of this tired apartment located in Neuilly, on the first floor of a beautiful mansion. To restore a central place to the kitchen, the owners called on Laurence Garrisson of the agency La Décorruptible. Discover in pictures!

A bright interior canopy

Before: Before the intervention of Laurence Garrisson dit La Décorruptible, the landing opened onto a wide corridor with past decoration. When the kitchen and dining room doors were closed, the space did not allow natural light. To gain in area and brightness, the decorator imagined a white metal canopy with window to facilitate the exchange between the cook and her guests. After: Today, a pretty glass roof with strict lines opens the new American kitchen to the rest of the apartment and allows light to circulate ideally. In a perspective of modernization of the whole, a parquet floor in warm colors replaces the old faded carpet.

A friendly and modern kitchen

Before: Originally, the kitchen was separated from the dining room and living room by a large partition forming a frame. It gave the impression of tight space and had no real purpose. Indeed, the partition monopolized a significant space and blocked the circulation as well as the light. Likewise, the sky-blue doors of the kitchen furniture and the imposing hood inspired a certain heaviness. On the other side, in the living room dining room, custom furniture offered practical storage, but in a fashionable style.
After: Thanks to Laurence Garisson, the kitchen has once again become a central room communicating with the living room. The decorator has removed the surface partition and installed an ultra-practical taupe beige worktop that extends the kitchen. Open, the room gains in light and offers greater comfort to family members and passing guests. On the floor, the gray porcelain stoneware tiles are more discreet. It goes perfectly with the fronts of the white glass furniture, without handle and with the mosaic credenza. Far from the design of the old kitchen, it gives pride of place to functional and light equipment. Today arranged in a circle, the kitchen offers airy and unobstructed perspectives.

A dining room with bright colors

After: To bring a little warmth to this refined kitchen, the decorator chose to keep a blue wall. This matches the owner's paintings and the glass table surrounded by Tolix stainless steel chairs. Laurence Garrisson, La Décorruptible Agency