The plancha according to Krampouz

The plancha according to Krampouz

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The beautiful days are coming, and with them the first barbecues in your garden! And what could be better than a plancha dinner to delight your guests? This year, Krampouz is launching eight new ranges of planchas, Made in France, adapted to your preferences. The flagship model is the “K” plancha. With robust materials, a sleek design and unstoppable cooking, it's the queen of planchas!

Krampouz, undisputed master of plancha cooking

For almost 10 years, the Krampouz brand has offered different models of planchas, electric and gas, adapted to everyone's needs and desires. The Breton company has become essential on the market! With its French know-how, it is inspired by professional equipment so that you have the best equipment.
Plancha cooking is popular! In addition to being user-friendly, it is healthier because it uses less fat, is simpler and can cook all types of food. Meat, fish, vegetables ... Enough to satisfy all your guests for your barbecue evenings!

Three new ranges

The Saveur range, the Design range and the "K" range are the small new products for 2015 at Krampouz. They differ in terms of the size of the hob, the comfort of use and of course their shape. They are available in specialized supermarkets, in DIY stores and garden centers, between 379 and 679 euros.
The star model of Krampouz is the “K” plancha! This high-end model has both an exceptional design and remarkable user comfort. No doubt, if you want to combine performance and aesthetics, this plancha is made for you!
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